Sahara Paying Guest
Near Govt Dental Hospital Ambphalla (Jammu)
Smt.Shashi Pandoh (warden)
  Ph : 0191-2572862
Mob : 9419172575, 7889945317
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Sahara Paying Guest is the best Girls Paying Guest accomodation with large rooms space located in the prime location of the Jammu City.It is a entirely for girls students studying in various institutions including professional one.

Locations : It is located near the Govt. Dental Hospital Ambphalla Chowk Jammu , which is the prime location in the Jammu City. All the college buses and matadors operate from Ambphalla Chowk to each and every corner of the city. It hardly takes two minutes to reach the matador stand for catching the transport for each college i.e Batra Medical college, Dental College Seohra,Trikuta Group of Colleges, MBS College, MIET College, Govt, Engineering College Jammu, and Jammu University.

Rooms : There are AC and Non AC Rooms which are well furnished available in the Sahara PG with attached bathrooms . Non AC room have the facility of Cooler and Fan and AC room with Fan and AC in the room. Each rooms has a capacity of three to four separte beds with matteres and pillows .Each room is attached with the gallery having sufficient capacity to use.

Bath Rooms :Each room is attached with separate bathrooms having all the mordern fittings with facilities of Gyserr .Hot and cold water available 24hr. during summer and winter season.

Food :The students are served break fast, lunch, dinner and evening tea with snacks .This is purely vegetarians PG. The menu of the food is made by the students on weekly basis and is fixed outside the Kitchen. No holiday is observed throughout thr month including sundays .
Break Fast : Stuffed prantha,bread butter, bread nutry, allu puri, Chapati vegetables and puri channa.

Lunch : Rice with diffrents Dalls, curds and shitni

Evening Tea : Tea with Snacks like Alu and Onion Pakora,Biscuts, Somosa and kachoris

Dinner : Chapatti with vegitables and salad.

Sweet dish is served once in a week

Dining Hall : There is a provision of big dining cum recreation hall having capacity of two dining tables where 20 to 30 students can use the facilities at a time .Dining hall is having the facilities like TV with tata SKY connection.
House Keeping : Sahara PG engaged separate cook,helper and safiaiwala (female) who are working round the clock.

Laundry ,Washing : There is facilities of washing / laundry at the expenditure of the students .


Timing : 6am to 9 pm (routine) no students is allowed to entered in the PG after 9 pm. Each students has to seek permission for the warden of the PG before leaving for their home .


Entry : There is separate entry and exit available for the students in the PG.


Kitchen : There are two kitchens available in the PG one for cooking and 2nd for keeping the used utensils which have to be cleaned .


Water Facility : There is 24hr. facility of the running water in the PG. There is a availability of under ground water tank and 2no. of overhead water storage cementes tanks. There is no shortage of water.


Drinking water : There is a provision of water cooler with capacity 80 Lts. duily fitted with the Aquagarud which provides cold & filtered water during summer and normal tempartuer during winter. Thus providing the filtred water to the students around the clock.


Electric facilities : There is regular electic suply in the PG with backup of the invertors which are working 24 hr.


Parking : There is sufficient space for the keeping the two and four wheeler outside the PG building .

PG Warden : The warden of the PG is availabe 24 hr. in the PG and every students is suposed to discussed any problem being faced by them in the Paying Guest . It is the responsiblity of each student staying in the PG to look after their goods, cash and their articles. It is not the responsibility of the PG warden to take care of their goods.

Earthquake resistance : The building of Sahara PG is a earth quake resistant as the building is made by keeping the norms for earthquake resistance.


Tarrifs :

AC Rooms - 6000/ Per Month.

Non AC Rooms - 5000/ Per Month.

Terms and Conditions  :

1.The registration of the students will be done on spot after meeting the warden of the PG. No separate registration fee and security is being charged from the students. Only one month advance is being taken at the time of registration.

2. Fee once deposited is non-refundable.

3.The registration of the students may be canceled with out any notice immediately for non compliance of PG rules.

4. The charges of the Hostel will be Rs.250 per day for the guest who avail the opportunity of staying for few days.

5.Students staying in the Hostel are not allowed to leave the campus after 8:30 pm with out the prior permission of the warden of the Hostel.

6. Each students is entitled to avail “fee concession leave” for 1 month only in summer vacation i.e only rent of PG shall be charged.

7. Each students is registered to submit 1 month notice to the Warden of PG before leaving the PG.


8.Photo ID Card/Aadhar Card is must for getting admission in the PG.


9.No separate room is available to any students in PG

10. The shared accommodation is being provided to the students in each room



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